Hennessy Artistry

"Breaking convention"

Client Hennessy
Date 2015
Location Shenzhen
Hennessy <br />Hennessy Artistry
Hennessy <br />Hennessy Artistry

For ten years, Hennessy Artistry has promoted “The Global Art of Mixing” in the major cosmopolitan cities of the world, bringing together innovative musical talents to create a hot mix of music, styles and cultures through spectacular and sophisticated musical experiences.

This year, Hennessy proposed a stand out event, the first nationwide, live broadcasted Hennessy Artistry show ensuring a sense of exclusivity and intimacy by limiting access to the target audiences. The event has been designed to follow a live TV show format, consisting of two main parts: A press conference and main show, while including highlights such as a red carpet walk and cocktail party.

Hennessy <br />Hennessy Artistry

Breaking convention allowed to generate a different event format and design concept for the annual Hennessy Artistry concert, bringing forth outstanding results that exceeded the client’s KPI’s.