Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony

The spirit of "one Gulf."

Client Palais Royal Kuwait
Date 2017
Location Kuwait
KUWAIT<br>Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony
KUWAIT<br>Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony

To promote football in the Gulf countries, unite local and international audiences and celebrate the return of Kuwait to the international sports scene, the opening ceremony of the 23rd Gulf Cup addressed the theme of the “unity,” highlighting the common culture of the 8 participating countries.
Originally planned in Doha, Qatar, the event was moved to Kuwait 10 daysbefore the openning.
60,000 spectators witnessed a 40-minutes-long “Unity show,” staging nearly 450 performers at the heart of a dreamlike and dynamic universe. All of this was accentuated by state-of-the-art technology and a unique pyrotechnical performance.

KUWAIT<br>Gulf Cup Opening Ceremony
A marvelous inaugural ceremony of the 23rd Arabian Gulf Cup "Gulf 23" - Kuwait News Agency

  • 10 Days of preparation
  • 5 Planes
  • 60k Spectators
  • 80 Drones