XPlay 5 China Launch

“Fast & Borderless”

Client Vivo
Date 2016
Location Shanghai
Vivo <br> XPlay 5 China Launch
Vivo <br> XPlay 5 China Launch

Innovative with a sleek and provocative design, Vivo Xplay 5 is a boundless phone.

Targeting tech savvy consumers, media and press, the objective of the new Xplay 5’s launch was to raise brand image and awareness, highlight the innovative features of this phone.

Vivo <br> XPlay 5 China Launch

“Inspired by the boundless energy and power of water, Vivo translated the essence of the XPlay 5 through the defining aspects of this element; its vitality, color, freedom and strength.

By implementing the concept of water, Vivo crafted the ideal immersive environment for guests to fully experience the Xplay 5 and the vivo brand through interactive product tests and a highly impacting reveal. The event was viewed not only by 2000 guests on site, but also nationwide via live broadcast.