A tribute to street culture. In 1987, when Tinker Hatfield first understood how the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris exposed its internal structure to the outside world, he realised how this building, particularly, was transforming how we perceived urban design. Thanks to his lightbulb moment, he designed the first model in the Air Max range, driven by a desire to foster a new way of seeing the world using a product’s design. Thirty years after its launch, Air Max 1 remains an icon in the world of sneakers. To pay tribute to the birth of this vital model and its little-known history, the ‘Just do it’ brand returned to its roots in 2017. After sundown, on Saturday, 25 March 2017, Nike projected a never-before-seen film on the 6,000 m2 facade of the Pompidou Centre. The screening was attended by 100 special guests, including Tinker Hatfield himself.



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